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Why a nomad lifestyle doesn’t guarantee you happiness

In my last article I was telling you about the advantages of a nomad lifestyle. It might seem to you like a perfectly happy life. But let‘s put the cards on the table! Being a nomad doesn‘t make you a… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons why I chose to live a Nomad Life

Since 2019 I am living a nomad life. And I would never change it back to my old life. But before I tell you my reasons for that, let me just quickly explain what a nomad is.  Formerly, a nomad… Continue Reading →

Explore Berlin like a local

Germany´s capital is one of the World´s most attracting metropoles to tourists and foreigners who want to settle there. As a person who grew up in the South of Germany and who has lived many years in Berlin I can… Continue Reading →

How to prepare for a trip

When you go for a trip, there might be a couple of things to consider and prepare before heading off. If you are one of those people who struggle with all the pre-trip to-dos, you can follow these five tips,… Continue Reading →

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