Hello dear community and crypto travelers!

This is a quick update about the Team Building event that took place in Alicante, Spain.

The whole team of Tryvium Travels has met in Alicante, Spain, during the mid weekend of November 2022.


The event took place in an amazing accommodation, the so-called Villa Mistral Buccara, a very exclusive and dreamy location, with a breathtaking sight on the sea, private access to Playa Paraiso, (one the most renowned bitches of Spain), bar, pools, firecamp and everything you may need to relax, chill and enjoy.

The event has been a chance for the whole team to connect, focus and to discuss, analyze and plan all the next steps for Tryvium Travels.
The team got the opportunity to fully immerse itself into the work, keeping the mind clear on the goals, while enjoying the beauty and the relax of a place that has almost zero equals in the world, as you can check on the pictures!

There’s a lot of content coming next, and a lot has been produced while working together in Alicante.


As you know Tryvium Travels is about to move forward, and announce very important news, both for the community and Tryvium Travels. It is a turning point for the entire Travel Ecosystem.

The goal is the same, to democratize the access to the travel industry, and to give the best available travel experience to the travelers and crypto-tourists. at the best prices on the market.

Tryvium Travels will keep you updated about everything that is about to happen, stay tuned, support the community and be part of this amazing travel, we are only at the beginning!


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